What is a pole barn home?

A residential pole barn home, or a barndominium, is the ideal alternative to a conventional “stick-built” house when you want to combine a living space with a multi-use toy shed, workshop, or extra-large garage for boats, RVs, and more.

Pole barn homes can be designed and built for a variety of uses: a year-round dwelling, a guest house, or a weekend getaway home. On top of that, pole barn homes open the possibility for incorporating your hobbies and interests into a single structure.

Benefits of a pole barn home

  • Greater floor plan flexibility
  • More expansive interiors
  • Easier construction of extra-high walls, extra-large windows
  • A consolidated structure means lower construction costs and possibly reduces your taxes
  • Fewer building components leads to faster construction time
  • Better foundation options
  • Better adaptability to site/soil conditions
  • Future additions made easier
  • Superior durability
  • Cost effective vaulted ceilings
  • More insulation, fewer thermal breaks



Types of pole barn homes

A pole barn provides maximum flexibility for your building project, but no matter what type of pole barn you're looking for, quality should be your top priority. Your pole building has to meet your needs in terms of storage and aesthetics, but it also has to be built to withstand weather and general wear and tear.


At Wick Buildings, we consider a barndominium to be a single-family residential structure built with post-frame construction.


A shouse, also known as a shop house, combines a workshop and/or large personal storage area with a living space.

  • Equestrian facility combining a riding arena, stall barn, and a personal residence
  • Cabin style with extra garage space
  • Lakehouse style shop house
  • Log cabin, modern or craftsman style
  • Multi-story or multi-wing
  • Custom building to meet your needs



Pole barn floor plans

The flexibility of a pole barn home is only limited by your imagination. But to get you started, we offer 15 floor plans that can be customized to fit your needs.